Dogs in tights

Warning, today was not a good day. You may want to stop reading now.

I’m pretty much in so much pain today I can’t think. Yes I took some ibuprofen, yes, I iced it before I went to work. Seems like I only have relief when I am icing. I spent all of my work day hobbling on this gimpy nerve-y pinchy leg. And right now I just hate it. Also the other day hubs treated me to a massage, and they fu**ed up my shoulder. Like bad. Like so bad I will never EVER go to a massage place again. I can’t believe I tipped that guy. He was clueless.


The shoulder thing happened 2 days ago, and it has gotten progressively worse. Today is the worst. I barely can lift things, and today my leg has decided to flare up really bad too.

Hobble hobble hobble.

Let me show you with this finely drawn art what a normal shoulder should look like.


And here’s what my shoulder looks like.


See how the left shoulder is sloping ever so slightly? Ya, that’s why I’m in so much pain.

I went to the chiropractor today to maybe reveal some answers to my nerve problem and to help with the shoulder. Immediately he pointed out how crooked my shoulder was. He even asked if my bra strap falls off of that shoulder. I checked my bra strap in that moment and realized that it was about to fall off. ::mind blown::

He propped me on this blurry table


(Didn’t realize I got my foot in the pic, I’m seriously in love with my Toms)

Made me lift my legs, tested my reflexes, did his chiropractor thing to my back, and gave me some helpful stretches to do in between appointments. At the end of the appointment he came to this conclusion, my discs are not bulging. They seem inflamed. He really wants me to get an MRI. I told him “I don’t want surgery, what else does an MRI do?” He said just allows the drs to see the whole picture. I probably should have asked more questions. I was trying to go in there with an open mind.

Anyways after the chiropractor appointment I needed a treat.


Bangs are a total fail, but the iced coffee is a win!

And because this post is mostly a rant about my shoulder and leg pain, I’ll leave you with some funny pictures of dogs in tights.



I have no idea how they got the tights on the dogs, or why they did this. All I know is that it made me chuckle. Enjoy!

Have you ever been to a chiropractor? Good/bad experience?



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