Jalapeño hummus is my favorite!

I was super excited this morning. First off, my schedule changed back to normal. Normal = I have time to hit the gym in the am. I decided to just spend all my precious pre-work-gym-minutes in the pool. I did that awesome workout I did the other day and loved it just as much this time around.

I also tried out my new swimming cap.


(I almost didn’t post this pic, I hate how the cap makes my forehead look wrinkly, but the Internet is all about posting bad pictures of yourself, right?)

I was worried about looking like a noob at the pool in a swimming cap. And turns out EVERYBODY ELSE WAS WEARING ONE TOO! There was so much buoyancy with the cap, made me feel like I was a fish with super powers! And for some reason I was thinking how cool it would be to have a swim cap that features an image of a crown, or one that makes you look like Wonder Woman! I would totally buy one like that.

I must have hit the busy time, only 1/2 a lane was open when I got there and 2 minutes later 2 people were waiting for a lane. Glad I got there when I did, or the work out would have been cut really short!

I grabbed some cuties on my way out the door and snacked on them while I drove to work.


I think eating and driving is illegal in California…something about distracted driving?? Peeling a cutie at a stop light is not distracted driving!

Moving on, hubs picked up some of my FAVORITE hummus from TJ’s yesterday.


I seriously am so so so in love with this hummus. It’s not spicy, it just has really great flavor. I like to top it on just about anything, but it’s super delicious with pretzel thins.


Last thought, do lady bugs bring good luck?? This little one landed in my car on my lunch break today.


Do the spots make it a male or female?

Favorite hummus flavor?



5 thoughts on “Jalapeño hummus is my favorite!

  1. runslikeapenguin says:

    I can tell you that we call them ladybirds in the UK and my granddad used to say if you counted the spots that told you how old the ladybird was, but thinking about it, he may have been making that bit up. But a nice memory for me, so thank you x

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