My running future will include…

I had another physical therapy session yesterday. It was more of the same, however I did have a convo with the PT about my running future. I just flat out asked “do you think I could do a race in November”. And he said “You should be more than healed by then.” Then I asked about doing one in August, and he told me “let’s just focus on one day at a time.”


For some reason my head was buzzing about which Turkey Trot I would sign up for.


I’m totally getting ahead of myself. Besides the registration isn’t open for this race yet. Haha!

We then went to a big box sports store with the intentions of getting a ball, like the ones they have in therapy.


I need to shop around, because the prices were a little steep for my blood. I settled on just getting this swim cap.


I’m sick of my hair feeling all dry and gross from the chlorine. Oh and I think they are supposed to make you swim faster. Like give you super powers once you put it on.

We decided to hit this place for lunch


We found it from a “Diner’s, Drive-In’s, and Dive’s” app that hubs has on his phone. And believe me it was a DIVE! They had all 4-5 star ratings on yelp, and we were in the area, so why not?

Here’s what they had on the wall


Yep, definitely a dive bar. We all ordered the same thing, garlic steak sandwich.


Not gonna lie, they were impressive. Just enough garlic, and tender enough to just eat with out a knife.

And we hit up our favorite ice cream place for dessert.


And I have no idea why the spoon looks like its going up my nose, just ignore that little detail, K?

Time to get back on the clean eating wagon today. My plan is to make a week’s worth of lunches today. And ask the hubs to go grocery shopping.

How often do you jump the gun?

Do you use yelp or the DDD’s app to find new restaurants?



5 thoughts on “My running future will include…

  1. amy says:

    Yup, we use Yelp all the time, and my bf and I watch DDD frequently. As a matter of fact, we were both on the Golden Bear episode (which airs all the time and I guess aired last night!). 🙂

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