New shoes!

Since I’m injured, and can’t work out every day. I decided to head to Nordstrom’s for some shoe shopping yesterday with the in-laws. When I finally got to the correct shoe department in Nordstrom’s I had a big decision to make. Which one of these bad boys would come home with me today?


I really loved the teal ones, but was worried that I wouldn’t wear them as much as the grey pair. I ended up choosing the lighter grey ones. My mother in law was so sweet, she stepped in and offered to buy me the teal ones. And guess which ones I’m wearing today?


Looks like they will get plenty of wear. After the shoe decisions, we headed to the Nordstrom’s Cafe for lunch. I ordered a panini, and it was so good!


More shopping, and hat wearing later


My mother in law, being gangster


We finished the trip with some chocolate from See’s.


Who can resist chocolate from See’s? Not me! Milk chocolate butter is one of my faves.


I decided to finish the day with an ice pack on my back and leg, and a small happy margarita.


I figured I burned enough calories from 4 hours of shopping to enjoy a margarita. The mother in law said next time we will shoot for 6 hours of shopping? I said, “where do I sign up?”

Do you like to shop?

Favorite See’s candy?



9 thoughts on “New shoes!

  1. Jen says:

    I’m a See’s addict! I swear, it’s like part of the grocery shopping. Every week I’m in there. It’s bad. Those shoes are adorable!

  2. magnuminsp says:

    We have those same glasses! 🙂
    How many of those hats were there? They look just like the ones from Caddyshack and next year is the 20th anniversary of a golf tournament I put on every year, and I want to give them away as a commerative hat!

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