A new workout!

Yesterday I finalized my membership to a local gym. (Evidently that Prius owner loves dillon beach)


There is another gym that is literally around the corner from my house, but it doesn’t have an indoor pool. I also received a free one week pass to whoever I wanted to give it to. I chose Carlo. I’m hoping he likes it, and I even set up a “fitness orientation” so he can learn to use the machines. So we shall see…

Tiffany over at cute dogs and hugs helped me out with a pool work out. I wrote it down on some paper so I could put it next to the pool and reference it in case I forgot anything.


She used to swim competitively, and knows all the lingo. She also has a great healthy living blog where she posts recipes and work outs. She just put a cute post up about her pregnancy. Check her out!

Here’s how it broke down

(25 is a reference for one pool length, so if it says 50=2 pool laps with out stopping, 75=3 pool lengths with out stopping. And rest in between each set)

Warm up
1 x 25
1 x 50
1 x 75

2 x 25 arms only
2 x 25 legs only (my favorite drill)

1 x 25
1 x 50
1 x 75
1 x 100
1 x 75
1 x 50
1 x 25

Cool down
1 x 75
1 x 50
1 x 25

The whole work out was about 30 minutes, which was perfect! Thank you again Tiffany this work out was awesome! It really helped keep me motivated in the pool, and not bored. You’re awesome!


Post work out I decided to treat myself


Iced coffee is the best treat, and my bangs are crazy.


Getting a pedicure is a close second!


Now I’m off to spend the day with the in laws, and spend that gift card to Nordstrom’s I won at the Wii dance competition. Remember?


That big grey box was totally worth it! I am thinking of getting a pair of Tom’s.

I’m hoping to take home one of these




A day of shoe shopping is a good day!

Do you have any Tom’s? Which pair do you like the best?

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9 thoughts on “A new workout!

  1. catslondonmarathon says:

    I love swimming. Check out http://www.swimsmooth.com for some great technique advice. I’ve just finished my Level One Triathlon coaching and have learned loads about swim technique – it’s really going to help my swimming, and it uses the techniques from SwimSmooth. There’s a book too by the same name available on Amazon (I checked the US site – you can get it too!) Sorry you’re having difficulty running at the minute due to your injury – keep swimming instead!!!

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