Physical therapy hurts sometimes


You made it to the weekend! Wooooot! Today is my Friday, but I’ll celebrate your weekend with you now, K? Well until 1 pm, when I have to go to work.


Yesterday morning I had another round of physical therapy. They always start me on the recumbent bike. Which is my favorite part.


I really like that part of physical therapy. I get to sit there for 10 minutes and listen to the local radio station on a nearby stereo.


It always seems that the DJ on the radio is asking the audience some random question to give away a prize! When I was listening they were giving away a free facial or massage from a local beauty college. And here’s your question!

What did this person (I forget the name) invent?

Clue: he’s 62 years old.

And something else that I forget, but it wasn’t the answer.

Did you guess Segway? Wow this was way better laid out in my head.

After all that suspense (10 minutes) I hopped on the therapy table, and my worker bee therapist got to work stretching me out.


She stretched me out, and then started on the painful massage. She figured out where I was in pain and then did this pressing massage. She said it was to break up the scar tissue, and that it was supposed to hurt. Believe me it did, and it sucked. I was ready to move onto some exercises involving these bad boys, after the painful massage.


It’s mostly back and core strengthening exercises. One was where the ball is on the floor, and my belly was on the ball and I just lifted my chest with my arms. Very simple, but really focuses on where my injury is. So by the end I’m hurting, and ready for the ice! They put this huge ice pack on my back, and around my thigh. Then they hoist my legs up, and let me relax for like 10-15 minutes. It’s heaven!

The rest of my day was torture. It was my day off, but this week we had to work mandatory overtime. I was dead by 3. I snuck off and got a snack, so much for my no caffeine rule in the afternoon.


Can you guess where I work, from this pic? I’ll give you a hint. Someone once asked if I work at a zoo, and I told them, sorta.

Once I got home from work, hubs and I had a date night. First one in over a month. Chips, salsa, and sangria. Yes please!


I tried to be good, and got a salad, but forgot to say no sour cream.


It was so good!

What’s in store for your weekend? Big plans? Or are you working like me?



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