Tunes, swimming, and some motivation

One of the things I miss about running is rocking out to tunes. I find myself listening to music first thing in the morning when I’m making coffee and breakfasts and lunches. And today when I hit the gym again I hopped on the recumbent bike so I could listen to some tunes before I hit the pool.

I downloaded this one and listened to it on a loop.


The thrift store song reminds me of 90’s rap. And we all know 90’s was where its at, except for the baggy pants.

I got a full 20 minutes on the bike.


I hit the pool right after the water aerobics class was over, perfect timing! However I am thinking of changing it up because the pool is quite busy right after the aerobics class. I got in a full 30 minutes, and dried off in the sauna. Overall a great work out.

And here’s some motivation for your day.



I am looking forward to my physical therapy tomorrow! I have been doing my exercises, icing when needed, and really feel like progress is being made.

What tunes are you rocking to during work outs?



6 thoughts on “Tunes, swimming, and some motivation

  1. Deana morris says:

    I feel your pain. Sounds like you’re handling it well though. Ah, the Nineties, I miss the music. When music was music…

  2. Britta says:

    Love the motivation! And I know what you mean about listening to music while working out..absolutely necessary. I am currently Macklemore obsessed – such a good one šŸ™‚

  3. mimimandy says:

    Love running to 90’s old school rap, Humpty Dance and OPP…..aww, yeah buddy! And 90’s rock….kick start my heart by Motley Crue was recently added to my playlist!

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