I see lots of swimming in my future

I finally but the bullet and got the 3 day pass for 24 hour fitness.


My plan was to use the pass until I got paid on Friday, when I can officially sign up for realsies. Since I had been a member previously they told me I couldn’t use the pass. However since I agreed to an appointment to sign up this weekend they gave me a 4 day pass.

Pool time! I caught the tail end of an aqua aerobics class. They took up the whole pool, so I couldn’t even do laps on one side or anything. I camped out in the hot tub for 15 minutes, and as soon as the lanes were drawn, it was on!

I swam for a good 30 minutes. And I really enjoyed it! And I wasn’t in any pain. AND I felt like I got a good work out in! Yes. Score! Definitely a win!

On a separate note, Easter was awesome!


Carlo got the biggest chocolate peanut butter Star Wars space ship.


When we cut into it, it crumbled like it would have in Star Wars.


Now time for some Teen Mom 2. Guilty pleasure, don’t judge.

How was your Easter? Did you get any massive pieces of chocolate?



10 thoughts on “I see lots of swimming in my future

  1. Tiffany F. says:

    I’ve always loved swimming. I swam “competitively” for several years and now only recreational. It’s such a good, low impact workout that really makes you sweat (even if you can’t see it)! It’ll be good cross training for you while you recover. If you need any workout/set ideas, like me know!

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Yes! I would love some workout set ideas. Today I just waddled back and forth switching from free style to breast stroke. So I’m sure any work outs you have would be a HUGE step up! Thanks!

      • Tiffany F. says:

        Yes, that makes sense, but I meant how many laps total do you usually swim when you’re there? =) 30 laps if you swim for 30 minutes then?

      • Tiffany F. says:

        How about this?

        (If you don’t know the lingo: 25 is one lap, 50 is two, 75 is three, 100 is four)

        Warm-up (nice and easy!):
        – 1×25
        – 1×50
        – 1×75

        Drill Set:
        – 2×25 pull (arms only)
        – 2×25 kick (legs only)

        Main Set [Ladder; arms and legs]:
        – 1×25
        – 1×50
        – 1×75
        – 1×100
        – 1×75
        – 1×50
        – 1×25

        – 1×75
        – 1×50
        – 1×25

        Try not to rest in between each lap, unless the set calls for it. So if you’re doing a 50, just turn at the wall and head straight back out. Take as much rest as you need between each set though, but not too long that your heart rate drops down. Gotta keep that blood pumping. =)

        Let me know how it goes or if you need me to clarify!

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