It’s The Nerves!!!!

I was looking forward to my physical therapy appointment today, and dreading it all at the same time. I arrived a few minutes late, which was no biggie. I was quickly scooped up and brought to a room where we did the evaluation. I told her about the over training, the running, and the pain! Basically after about an hour of tinkering with me she came to a few conclusions.

1. I don’t have a muscle injury.

2. The injury has all the symptoms of nerve damage

3. The nerve damage is most likely stemming from my back.

4. The area where the damage is, is very swollen.

She said ice is my best friend. And that it should be applied to my back while laying down, with my legs at a 90 degree angle.

She gave me some exercises to do.



Basically a core building one, and the others are back flexing ones. She told me that the nerve damage comes from my core not being strong enough.

Overall the appointment was so worth it. I’m so glad I went. I have 7 more appointments over the next 4 weeks, I’m hoping to see some real improvements!

Also she said that the best exercises would have to be swimming, and the recumbent bike. Everything else should be out on the back burner for awhile.

Looks like I’ll be hitting the pool very soon!

What do you know about nerve damage/back injury involving nerve damage??



3 thoughts on “It’s The Nerves!!!!

  1. redperegrine says:

    Hi, thanks for liking my post.
    I am dealing with non specific nerve dysfunction of the lower back (no idea if it has a proper name). I’ve been in physio for five months and am beginning to see some progress. I do physio and core exercises and have seen the best improvement when I add in a good 15-20 mins of stretching each day. Basically once you begin to experience muscle or nerve irritation in an area, your other muscles begin to compensate for this to alleviate the pain. If this compensation goes on for a long period of time, the already weakened muscles become even weaker through lack of use (which causes your other muscles to compensate even more, and so on). If you’ve been compensating for several months it can take several months to retrain your nerves to work the correct muscles to get your strength back (this is what the physio exercises are designed to do). Even after five months I am still unable to run or walk long distances without causing a flare up. This is about all I know on the subject lol. Hope it was some help. Good luck with the recovery!

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