Tattoos And Fences

Since I have been feeling pretty blue about not running, I want to do something for me. I am leaning towards getting a running related tattoo. I have been wanting to get a running related tattoo for a few years.

I am thinking wings on the ankle.

Something like this, but this one is a little too masculine.


Here’s lots of examples, but they all point down instead of up. I guess I could just flip them upside down. Ha! I like the very simple ones in the middle. Third one from the top.


This one is getting closer


And I think this one is my favorite. It looks girly, and I bet I could even ask for a little girly color. Maybe color, maybe not?


I’m definitely obsessed.

In other news I want to show off how multi talented my hubby hubs is.


How many adorable husbands does it take to change a lightbulb?

1, but he makes you hold the old grimy one.

He also took care of some important lawn work in the backyard.


You can barely see it, but the fence on the hill is new! We have lived in this house for a year and a half, and we desperately needed to fix the fence. Our neighbors have dogs, and our dogs are terriers who are pretty true to being terriers, and they like to start sh**. A new fence is one less thing to worry about.

And here’s a full shot, with our panoramic abilities.



Now I need to find more pictures of wing tattoos, or running related tattoos.

Do you have any running related tattoos? Would you ever get one?



7 thoughts on “Tattoos And Fences

  1. cathyo says:

    I would love to get a running tattoo. I thought about doing it after I ran my full marathon 5 years ago…but couldn’t decide on what to get and then just never got around to it. I was going ankle too…some sort of running chick design. can’t wait to see what you settle on.

    your backyard looks awesome! a little oasis!

  2. alabrianna says:

    I think that’s a lovely idea. I would highly suggest finding your tattoo artist and telling them what you want, then letting them draw it up. That way they can come up with a design that fits your legs perfectly, and is all YOURS. An artist will take more care with a custom tattoo than with flash that you bring in.

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