The Verdict, a new salad, and more snacking

Another post to add to the “Injury” list. When we last left off I was about an hour away from seeing the doctor, and basically freaking out.

So let me cut to the chase, after a few minutes of checking out my leg and doing all these odd movements, he concluded that I didn’t have a tear in my hamstring. And that I probably re-injured my hamstring. And his recommendation?

Physical Therapy.


I’m actually really glad I went. I feel like my hamstring is in even more pain lately. Is my mind playing tricks on me, or am I really in this much pain? Anyways he didn’t prescribe me any pain medication or anything, so I basically hurt when I finally relax. I see lots of ice packs in my future.

On to other more fun news. I was on a mission to buy some healthy snacks yesterday, and succeeded!


The Larabars and Sabra hummus are delicious, that I know for sure. I hadn’t tried that flavor of pretzel crips, or the noosa yoghurt. I tried the yoghurt this morning and my life has changed!


It is absolutely so amazingly delicious! And yes the calories are up there for yoghurt. I think 130 per servings, and there’s 2 servings in there. However it’s super filling and super delicious! Like ice cream delicious! I found it at target on sale for $2 each container, down from $2.26 I believe. I grabbed them because they looked new and healthy. So glad I did!

And here’s a salad I have been eating a lot of lately.


It’s 4 ingredients, and so delicious. Spinach, feta, dried cranberries, and low fat dressing. So good! You can top it with some chicken and make it a meal. Yum!

Have you ever had to go to physical therapy? Good/bad experience?

Have you tried Noosa??



5 thoughts on “The Verdict, a new salad, and more snacking

  1. mrsalexzan says:

    Never tried noosa! I went to physical therapy a few times when I was younger for achellies pains and a torn ligament in my knee. I didn’t love it! Lol. I have found that hummus really brings out the flavor of carrots! Yum! I’ve been having that same garlic hummus and carrots everyday, I’m sure my customers enjoy talking to me afterwards!

  2. Tiffany F. says:

    I’ve been eating the spinach + cranberries + goat cheese + raspberry vinaigrette combo for over a year now. I love it! I usually throw a Morningstar veggie burger in it and the flavors are awesome!

  3. Mary says:

    Physical therapy for tendinitis one 2months before a marathon-yuck! It worked though and I eventually felt better, even if I did resent having to be there, every.single.time. Good luck, it’ll be better before you know it. 🙂

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