The Competition Was Fierce!

Heading to the Wii Dance Party I was definitely getting my game face on.


First thing’s first, had to fuel up on delicious Mexican food!


After I filled up my plate I ended up eating half. I didn’t want my stomach in the way of my dancing abilities. Hubs stepped in and helped me finish my plate.

We got down to business pretty quick after that. The boys were playing “killer monopoly”. Trust me, you never want to play monopoly with them.


And here’s my main competition.


She was showing off before the competition started. Lots of smack talking going on over here!


And once the dancing competition started it was on!


It was very serious. There were 10 competitors, and all were gunning for the trophy!


And in the end…


Hubs won killer monopoly, and I won the dance off!

Here’s my trophy and goodie bag in all their glory!


And a little note inside the goodie bag to explain the spoils.


Such a fun night! I look forward to winning next year’s dance off, for sure!

Have you ever had a Wii dance party?

Do you have fierce dancing skills?



3 thoughts on “The Competition Was Fierce!

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      There were a few people there who swore they weren’t going to dance, but by the end of the competition they competed. And one of them even got 2nd place. You should have a dinner party, invite everyone over, and then surprise them with the dance off! Oh and some prizes really got everyone competitive!

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