Feeling stronger

Last night was another work-until-10 shift. I felt really strong going into the evening. Even after I passed by these in the break room.


I got home and it was my favorite night of TV watching. It’s hard to not eat when you stay up a little later watching Archer. (I’m also completely in love with Anger Management, and Legit) I ended up drinking lots of this clear fluid, which is supposed to be better than beer for you.


The only downside to water drinking right before bed is that my bladder wakes me up about an hour before my alarm. So annoying. I guess I’m still looking for night time alternatives.

Do you have to resist treats at work? Or is it the only place you indulge?



2 thoughts on “Feeling stronger

  1. kierstenlive says:

    Working always gets me. And I never find myself wanting a salad (the struggle)
    Eating because I’m bored never makes me happy.
    My trick is to always bring snacks. Usually cucumbers and hummus or cuties (the little baby tangelos made for kids) you can eat a few because they’re so small, and they take longer to eat because you have to take the time to peel them.
    Good luck!

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