Morning Hike and Healthy Swaps!

This morning I met up with Miss Jessica for a hike at the Lagoon. We ended up doing a steep uphill hike. And saw some seemingly friendly cows along the way.


The next group seemed a little bit angrier.


We fought through the crazy cows and made it to the top!


Check out the gains.


See why we’re smiling?


We ended up hiking about 3 miles and some change.



And on a separate note I have been keeping my eyes peeled for healthier snacking options. Here’s something new to me that I tried, and really like.


I’m keeping my eyes peeled for other options. And of course, I try to pick fruits and veggies for other (more obvious) healthy options. I just really enjoy a salty snack in the afternoon. And an apple doesn’t really hit the spot.

Have you ran into any “mad cows” lately?

Have you found any great new healthy snacks?



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