Day 1 Again

I had salmon, 1/2 a sweet potato, and some broccoli for dinner last night.


It was delicious! I thought I would be starving, but it really is a mind over matter thing. I ate while I face timed with the hubs.


I just upgraded to the iPhone 5. I have been living with the 3 for what seems like forever. I thought I would hate it, new charger, different placement for the ear phones. However those little things hardly matter. And I will confess my love for Siri another time.

And I am also in love with these new ear buds.


They came with the phone. And they are the most comfortable earbuds I have ever worn. Like ever! Get them.

Back to last night.

I came home around 10, and found my husband like this.


Seriously? I told him before I got home I didn’t want to snack or drink beer. He thought he would be clever and opened up a bottle of wine. He’s an evil genius. I yelled at him since I love wine way more than beer. It’s harder for me to say no! And I’m happy to report I resisted all temptations. Which included more than wine and a corn dog.


Hubs had made a special batch of his garlic mashed potatoes, and a turkey meatloaf. They looked so good! I am not gonna lie. I had a very very small taste. And packed the rest for lunch.


I have been baking cookies on my days off lately (need to look up some healthier recipes). And these were staring me in the face when I got home. Chocolate chip and butterscotch chip cookies. They are so good! But I resisted those altogether. Woot! Go me!

Here’s what I drank instead of wine.




Water at its finest. I like 2 ice cubes in my water glass. And for some reason when all you’re drinking is water, big decisions like “how many ice cubes is the perfect amount?” Seem really important.

So I would say last night was definitely a pass or fail moment. And I feel like I totally passed! Love that feeling!

Does your partner ever try sabotaging you?

Do you have an iPhone?



3 thoughts on “Day 1 Again

  1. Fatima says:

    I am a Samsung user. I just got the Galaxy 3 in the New Year, but this is my first smart phone ergo not anxious to get the latest and greatest. I don’t have a partner, but I do have well-meaning parents thining I starve all the time. If it’s not about large portions, then it’s about the sweet treats. They believe people gain weight through lack of will power. I have given up explaining the latest science.

    I read you post from yesterday after falling off the wagon. I will not bet myself up if you don’t. Deal?

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      It’s funny that you’re the second person saying I’m beating myself up. I think there are twinges of that in the post. But mostly it is just a wake up call for myself. And sometimes you need a big wake up call, or a swift kick in the nuts to feel better about decisions/actions. And moving forward I won’t beat myself up hardly at all. I really like to keep the posts positive and motivating, so I’ll definitely focus on that 😉

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