It’s Official!

I announced a few weeks ago that I was going to sign up for this 5k


And I finally did this morning, and even upgraded to the tech tee. I actually ALWAYS get the tech tee, as I never wear the cotton ones. It’s a trail race, and I’m thinking it will be mostly flat. I run with Miss Jessica around the lagoon all the time, so I’m hoping they pick the trial I use.

Anyways I was all excited because I ran 2 miles this morning.


And felt better than ever. I have been pretty consistent with the running. Pretty much every other day, and sometimes 2 days in between. The runs have been feeling good!

After the run, I gobbled down one of these


Mango and pineapple are definitely my favorites.

I have been obsessed with watching redbox movies, and picked up “For A Good Time Call”


Such a good chick flick. Loved it!

Oh and I got a cold cut combo for lunch.


Extra veggies!

And in other news I started reading this book


And hubs and I went to the Warriors game on Wednesday against the Kings.


It’s been a good week!

Now I have to get ready for a 5k.

Have you signed up for any races lately?

What’s your favorite subway sandwich?


5 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. magnuminsp says:

    Have you signed up for any races lately?
    The A1A Marathon in 2014 and waiting for the 2013 Disney Wine and Dine half marathon to open up. Also waiting for the Disney 2014 Marathon to open. We may also do the “Run Around the Lake” in Clermont this April, it is a half marathon.

    What’s your favorite subway sandwich?
    The Italian Bomb….which since I found out about my gluten issue, I can just smell it………………. 😦

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