I actually clicked “running” as a category for this post. Which gets me all warms and fuzzy inside. Let’s be honest. I hate being injured. It totally has put me in a funk like no other. And Wednesday night I got a text from my old bf running buddy. Robyn! And guess what! She wanted me to run with her the next day! (The last 3 sentences totally warranted exclamation points)

I met her at her house with giant bag of popcorn in hand.


She professed her love of popcorn, while I professed my love of cheez-it’s. it was a win-win.

The run was super awesome.


It was really windy, and I had forgotten ear warmers, so the hood was a must for the first mile or 2.

And guess what?!?

The run was a HUGE success. Very little pain. Mostly soreness. And soreness in both legs, which means I’m out of shape. (Hello 12 pounds. I hate you.)

But I made sure to spend some time with my roly poly buddy post run.


(Dang, my night stand is messy)

And I rolled while watching a fave


Feels good to be back;)

Also I have been checking out races. I am thinking of doing this 5k in March.


It’s right down the road from me, and they give medals out for all distances. Trying to talk some buddies into doing it with me, like popcorn lady, and Miss Jessica. We’ll see.

How’s your running going?

Have you been watching RHOBH?



4 thoughts on “Finally!!!

  1. Laura says:

    I’ve read that running injuries are the best “gifts” because of what they can teach us… not sure how I feel about that statement but overcoming an injury and running pain-free is The Best gift of all!!! Welcome back. 🙂

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