Happy Valentines Day!

We celebrated Valentine’s Day on Sunday since we worked opposite schedules today. We really had no set plans. We both didn’t even plan on taking Sunday off together. It just happened.

Sunday morning we slept it until about 7:30, which is super late for us. After some coffee, and looking up something interesting to do on yelp I decided what I wanted to do. First off I wanted to buy myself something for Valentine’s Day. And I needed a new handbag, so we headed here.


They had sent us an email about an 50% off online sale, and I was hoping they had some good deals in store. I am excited to report they ALSO had a 50% off sale in store, this was on top of the already marked down prices. After about 45 minutes of trying on every purse and wondering if it would work for me, I settled on the most perfect purse.

It had to pass the forearm test. That’s where I grab the handle and attempt to put it on my shoulder with out the top of the purse snagging on my elbow. Believe me, this is a problem, and I have had too tiny purses in the past and it’s just way too annoying. I also wanted something solid in color, timeless, and all leather.


Picture was taken at the restaurant where we had lunch. Although, coach stores should sell beer. They probably would have more men in there spending more money on things that their wives/girlfriend want. And more women getting tipsy, and adding more items to their checkout.

Since we were in Vacaville, we kept on heading towards Winters. I found an interesting restaurant called “The Preserve”. It was known for their delicious sandwiches and their prices seemed reasonable.


Hubs got the meatball sandwich


I had a bite, and it was delicious!

I ordered the daily special pizza, covered in asparagus, pepperoni, and Manchego cheese.


The crust was crispy and everything was cooked to perfection.

And here’s a shot of the ceiling of the bathroom.


It was pretty cool. Definitely set an interesting backdrop.

And here’s a shot of the bar.


The restaurant was really warm, and had these huge booths that looked like it would be fun to being a few friends and hang. They are really known for their cheese, and next time I want to just have a cheese plate.

Next up was hitting a close by winery tasting room.


It was called Turkovich Winery. They mostly focused on reds (which are our favorite), and had a few whites.


They offered free tastings for any 5 wines. After the 2nd taste we were really impressed. Their wines were delicious. Rich, and smooth, just like we like them. We even signed up for their wine club, and that’s when they told us about their cheeses.


We went with this Parmesan blend.


And we bought 2 bottles of this guy.


We headed home, and sealed the day with this romantic movie.


If you liked the first 3, you would like this one.

What are your plans for today?



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