5 Copies, Press Hard

Happy Birthday Lincoln! Aka just another excuse for kids to take a day off.

Last Friday we met one of our favorite couples for a little night-on-the-town action. I knew Sue wanted to hit up a couple of breweries, and Nancy just wanted to be the designated driver. I wound up landing on Elevation 66 in El Cerrito.


I was excited to taste one of the sandwiches, or the Mac and Cheese, and some of their homemade potato chips. I didn’t realize Nancy doesn’t eat food that has words like “organic” or “from New Zealand”. We decided to just try the beers, and some fries.



The selection of beer was good. They had about 5-6 of their own on tap, as well as 5-6 of some others also on tap.


The atmosphere was laid back and cool. They also had a bunch of beer tanker things right behind the bar.


And the girls did enjoy the beer. So all was good.


We also hit up another brewery in Berkeley.


Triple Rock is right down the road from CAL, so it’s always packed with lots of college students. Getting a table can be tough, but we got lucky and had our choice of regular table, or a tall one. We went regular. We are cool like that.

The food selection is burgers, sandwiches, and salads. Basically cheap and delicious.


I also got the “sip and nod” beer with 12% alcohol. And believe me it only oil 1/2 of the beer to “feel it”.

The best part of the night was all the cop stories Sue and Nancy told us. They have both been cops forever, and had some really funny and juicy stories to tell. Good times.

And in true form, Nancy was the DD.


Great night. So much fun!

What’s your favorite brewery?

Ever tried a beer with 12% alcohol?



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