Ear Plugs

Last Friday hubs, hubs’ uncle, and I headed to Oakland for The Who concert.


Once we got to the Oracle Arena we hit up first aid because I forgot a necessity.


We went to an AC/DC concert at Oracle Arena a few years ago and did not wear ear plugs. We couldn’t hear anything for about 2 weeks. It sucked, but seeing Angus in person was awesome!

Anyways back to The Who concert. Here’s the obligatory couple picture of us with the stage in the back ground.


The concert was great.


Well if you like the Quadrophenia (sp?) album it was AMAZING! They played that album. Which, needless to say, is not my favorite. It’s more like a “Rock Opera”, according to the hubs.

He, and his uncle loved the concert.


And after they were done playing that album, the rest of the concert was AWESOME! We were up, dancing and rocking out! Love that!

Do you like “THE WHO”? How about the Quadrophenia album?

Favorite Who song?

Mine is “Behind Blue Eyes”



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