No Good Pictures Of Vinny

I love my Vin. I really do. He’s the only patterdale I have who is black (the rest are chocolate). He is a love, and super powerful. Not to mention one of the best weight pulling dogs alive! He’s one of a kind, but can’t sit still for a damn picture. Here ya go.


A close up


I thought I had something here


We ended up getting in 2 solid running miles this morning.


They were very very slow miles. But they were mine, and I felt really good after. I made sure to foam roll the heck out of my hamstring, and did a little weights for my arms, and some Ab work.

Yesterday hubs and I went out on the boat yet again.


He taught me how to “jig”, and I used this special lure to do so.


This guy was the biggest catch of the day.


Do you see the clam? We threw him back. We really try to catch “striper” or striped bass, and sturgeon. We live very close to “Mecca of sturgeon” according to hubs. However he has never caught one. Oh well.

And since we got skunked we drowned our sorrows in way too much sushi.


Hubs definitely got his money’s worth.

Do you have issues taking non-blurry pictures of your dogs?

How about catching fish? Or eating too much sushi?



4 thoughts on “No Good Pictures Of Vinny

  1. Tiffany F. says:

    It was tough getting photos of my dog when we first got him because he was still a puppy and wouldn’t sit still. Now that’s he’s an “adult,” he’s turned into a lazy blob and we can get him to sit still or lie down with little to no effort. Your pups are so cute!!

    At first I didn’t see anything on your lure. Haha What a sad little guy. I bet he was happy to live another day.

  2. mrsalexzan says:

    My dog, Kia will do something so cute, then as soon as I grab my phone to try and take a picture she stops or refused to look at me! All my pictures are of her laying down like a bum!

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