I <3 Chorizo

This morning hubs surprised me with the most delicious breakfast I have had this year.


(It’s pretty easy to be the most delicious since my breakfasts have been mostly consisting of oatmeal.)

Chorizo, eggs, salsa, wrapped in a delicious tortilla. I am totally in love with chorizo burritos.

Yesterday Miss Jessica and I met up at the lagoon in vacaville.


And we knocked out this many!


We walked, and we decided that we are just as awesome walking, as we were while running. We both have had some set backs in the last month or two, and for some reason we both discovered how hard it was for us to get over not running. It was like we were “above walking”. Like I would rather do nothing, than walk, since I can’t run. It’s an odd way of thinking. I know.

Both my hips were sore after the walk, but a good sore, so thanks for walking with me Jessica! We rocked it!

Have you ever felt like you were “above” walking?

Do you like chorizo?



4 thoughts on “I <3 Chorizo

  1. Dash says:

    Yum! I LOVE chorizo! I last had it in a breakfast dish when I was on a walking holiday in Snowdonia, omelette with cheddar and chorizo. Definitely not a low fat breakfast but it was good fuelling for tackling the mountain 🙂

  2. offthelongrun says:

    I love walking with company and Chorizo – I have the latter with everything,; breakfast lunch, in a sandwich, always in a pasta sauce. Yesterday my friend and I walked 5k and then I ran 6.5K as he’s not a runner. Walking is great as long as it’s a fastish pace.

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