New Threads And A New Plan

Last week I finally hooked up with my friend who picked up my bag/shirt/bib from the CIM. I was sad-happy about getting it. I really am glad I didn’t push myself, and avoided the worst weather in CIM history (I’m paraphrasing, but it was pretty bad).

(And yes Liz, Run, Fat Chick, RUN! that means I have your bag too! Are you planning on going to that “terrier Olympics (weight pull, go to ground, racing, show, rally, maybe even a barn hunt) in Loomis (I think it’s in may)??)

Here’s the gear


Since it was the 30th CIM, they included a special headband/wristband/neckband/multi-body-part-band, gloves, string back pack, and of course, a tech tee.

I only had the smarts enough to just put on the shirt.


Thoughts on wearing a shirt from an event you DNF or Didn’t even start??

Anyways I got in a good 2 miles in about 45 minutes this morning. I followed it up with some awesome foam rolling.


10 full minutes of this…my leg always feels better after. But I hate the feeling during the foam rolling.

I had some good oatmeal post work out.


This past week I have been slacking on the working out, but I have been doing pretty good on the eating. I really want to have a better work-out week next week.

I hate making plans, but here goes.

*work out 4-5 days during the week
*Mostly walking, maybe 1-2 runs
*Ab/arm circuit training for 2-3 days

The pressure is on!

What’s your work out plans for next week?



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