A Sunday for the Hubs

On Sunday I headed over to a really exciting expo hubs was dying to check out!


The expo was in Sacramento, and it was super popular! It took us almost 20 minutes to get into the expo and find a parking spot. Also I’m pretty sure it was less than 20 degrees outside. I asked hubs if I should bring a heavy jacket before we left, and he assured me that it was warmer in Sac. Umm no. It was freezing. And it was a good 1 mile walk to get to the expo. Cold Tiffany=Crabby Tiffany, I know, my husband is so lucky to have me.

We eventually made it in, and it was warm, and I stopped blaming hubs for me being cold since I didn’t grab a jacket complaining.

Hubs still had a great time!


We walked by almost every booth. Hubs picked up some special lures, and this foamy thing for his leaders. It was all very exciting for me. My favorite part of the day was picking out where we were going to eat. I chose the BBQ place.


Almost as soon as I picked it, I regretted it. Should have gone with a corn dog. It was just OK, if the bread was toasted, it would have been really good. Live and learn, and ALWAYS go with the corn dog.

We took one last look at some awesome taxidermy before leaving.


I find taxidermy fascinating. I don’t think I would want a massive piece in my house, but something small like a squirrel, or a badger would be cool. I’m weird.

What would be your must see booth if heading to a sportsman expo? Fly fishing, boating, hunting, or just sampling all the jerky?



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