Best. Cousin. Ever.

The other day I was texting with my BFF cuz, Amandeeuh. I asked her if she would take me to Costco on Saturday (I let my Costco card expire, so now I have to piggy back on unsuspecting relatives). She mentioned something about going to the gym first and if I wanted to join. My first instinct was “heck yes!” I love the idea of running on a treadmill, or just doing some elliptical work.

We met at 8:30am at her gym.


I guess she only pays $10 bucks a month ($20 if she wants tanning or unlimited access to all the planet finesses). Since she’s a member, they let me in for free. They had a pretty basic set up. Lots of cardio machines, a 30 minute work out room (something like curves) weight lifting machines, and a 12 minute abs room.

We started with treadmills.


I walked for 5 minutes, and did a light jog for about 15 minutes. I even felt myself perspiring. Love it!

We moved on to the 12 minute abs room.


They had this “red light, green light” thing. When it was lit up green, meant exercise. When it flashed, meant almost done. And when it was red, meant move on to the next machine.


This guy was my favorite machine.


He really helped stretch out my back.

Once abs were done, I wanted to squeeze in a little weight lifting. We just focused in the bi’s, tri’s, and shoulders. I like weight lifting in a gym. Makes me feel like I know what I’m doing. Haha.

The gym was clean, and had tons of affirmations like “no judgement” etc. There were a lot if good vibes going on.

The whole work out lasted a little more than an hour, which was perfect since Costco opens at 9:30. I ended up spending more than I wanted, but I did score some really awesome water bottles.


One of my obscure New Years resolutions was to use less water bottles. And at only $15 bucks for all 3, I would say I am scoring!

Oh and one more thing here’s a pic of my gorgeous BFF cousin.


I asked her if we could make it a weekly thing, working out on Saturdays. And she said it would work. Woot! Lets make this happen!

How are your New Years resolutions holding up? Are you following through?

Have you ever been to Planet Fitness?



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