Running For Donuts

I was very nervous about running yesterday. I had plans to meet my old running pal. I donned some of my new running gear.


New Mizuno shoes from the hubs


New watch from my wonderful stepson, señor Carlo. He picked it out and bought it for me with his own money with out being forced to do it. Gotta love that kid! It fits great, has a timer setting, and some other settings I haven’t figured out yet.

I also got myself a new “running” (that’s what I’m using it for, but I got it from the gap, so I figured it is not exactly meant for running.) jacket. I liked that it was on the long side, and it even has thumb holes, which makes it super cool right?


The old running buddy and I loped ran 2 miles, and walked 2 miles. I felt good before, during, and after. I’m going to take 2 days off from exercising to be sure to rest it properly, and throw it some foam rolling just in case. Last time I ran (about 2 weeks ago) my body wasn’t ready. I ran 2 miles, took 1 day off, ran again 2 miles = lots of pain for the next couple of days. I’m sure learning a lot through this whole hamstring injury thing. So the status of today is good. I’m sore, but not in the same kind of pain. It also makes me hopeful that eventually with enough rest I will come full circle and be running races again in a few months.

And to round out my weekend hubs found that the donut shop we have been waiting for to open, actually opened!


Which threw our original breakfast plans (eggs and turkey bacon) out the window. These are the donuts we landed on.


The bottom left (red-pinkish, with black stripes) was called “The Ozzy”. Bottom right (maple covered with bacon) was called “The CHP” (bacon=pig, cop. Hubs had to explain this to me). The top donut was called “50 Calibur”, it was covered in lucky charms.

They were all delicious, but mine was the best.


The donut place is literally around the corner from my house. Which could be very dangerous! I went ahead and counted it as 370 calories and quickly remembered that delicious things are expensive when it comes to calories.

Have you guys ever tried a bacon covered donut?

Does anyone know a good website for info on hamstring injuries? Most of the info I have found have said to ride a bike, and walk until you are ready to run.



3 thoughts on “Running For Donuts

  1. Ironvan says:

    This post is win for several reasons: bacon, thumb holes in jackets, donuts, and bacon. The running part was also nice. Did I also mention my appreciation for the bacon?

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