Lazy Morning

Here’s what’s on my schedule today:

Try the new Luna bar I picked up from Target the other day.


And I did it while watching Sleepless in Seattle. Who doesn’t love that movie?? I always record it when I see it on TV to watch on days like this.

Then there was some serious cuddling with some of my crazy mutts.


It’s been a really productive morning over here. Lucky for me I have a date with an old running buddy to run tomorrow. I told her to keep it short, easy, and slow. And if all else fails we will walk! She said she might have a cold, so if that fails, I plan to ride my bike. Fingers crossed some sort of work out happens tomorrow.

What are your favorite movies to watch on lazy days? You know the ones you could watch a thousand times.



2 thoughts on “Lazy Morning

  1. Paul S says:

    The serious film buff in me would say Citizen Kane or Vertigo,but the truth is I’ve always enjoyed a 90’s vintage romantic comedy, and even though I don’t spend all my lazy days watching Sleepless in Seattle or One Fine Day, if there’s a film about New Yorkers falling in love, with some amusing dialogue thrown in, I’m more than happy to watch it.

    Glad you had a productive morning.

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