Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Just 4 more days until the CIMI have my bib/shirt pick up all planned and my Pre and post marathon meals all picked out. Now just to plan on how I’ll run 26.2 miles in rain (possibly, cross your fingers it doesn’t rain).

I planned on running this morning. But here’s my doorstep.


If you haven’t noticed, not much running going on over here since my half marathon. I don’t want to doubt myself. But darn you Thanksgiving, and my excellent planning skills didn’t include much training during the craziest time of year. I work in retail! Hello, not time to be training for a marathon!

And I ate too much. (When have I been eating too much you ask? Every. Damn. Day.)

Stupid coworkers keep bringing crap like this to work.


That was one of the few trays I resisted.

Ok and in trying to keep it positive, here’s a few motivational pins.





And a pic of my boyfriend just for good measure.


So what are you waiting for? Go work out! Oh and eat right! (More of a mental push for myself, thanks for reading!)

How’s your post holiday workouts and eating going?

Anyone else doing the CIM?



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