I’m not a poster child

Yesterday was my official birthday, and I decided to keep on treating myself by getting a mani-pedi.

I went with a deep purple color.


My mother in law had told me about this “shellack” treatment. And how it’s basically like permanent/gel nail polish. I can officially vouch for the fact that I have not chipped at all in over 24 hours. That is with working in retail, and doing some of the load yesterday right after I got the nails done. It did cost an extra $13, but it’s not something I will probably keep up on. But it’s nice to know it works!

Once I got to work, Miss Jessica brought by a special chai tea latte delivery. She is so sweet! I paired it up with one of my birthday cookies. And it was divine!


This morning I woke up ready to run!


I got in an easy 4, before I hit up a yoga class. I did debate on whether or not I should go, but I have that new lululemon work out gear and I wanted to try it! I just ended up wearing the Racerback tank, and I really liked it. It hugged in all the right places, and stayed put. I didn’t wear my crops, because I didn’t want to be all like “I am a Lululemon poster child” is that even a thing? I dunno. So I’ll wear them another day with another shirt. I’m weird.

At the end of class my teacher offered up some extra bounties. I scored a few squash and a pepper.


I’m looking forward to all the awesome turkey tomorrow!

Who is running a turkey trot?

What’s your favorite thanksgiving treat?



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