Race Recap: Davis Turkey Trot

I was really looking forward to running when I woke up at 4:30 am.


Can you feel my excitement??

I ate a banana doused with peanut butter and chased it with some delicious coffee.


I had everything laid out from the night before, so getting ready was super easy. I was debating on bringing my water backpack, that way I could pack my gels, keys, tissues, Chapstick, etc. however it was rainy. I ditched that idea and opted for my rain jacket.


I arrived at the race site pretty darn early. There is a method to my madness. I scored quite possibly the best parking spot, right next to the finish line. Woot go me! Grabbing my bib and shirt was a breeze.


I was actually really excited about the pink women’s cut shirts. It is my first pink racing shirt. And I like pink, so if race organizers want to go with pink for women’s shirts I say, ya buddy!


This race typically has 2 distances, 5/10k. However since this year was the 25th anniversary they threw in the half marathon. Miss Jessica was running the 10k with 2 of her sisters. I got to see her right before her race, and wish her luck. She started before me, and this is the last pic I got before it got super rainy.


I also saw Miss Robyn about 2 minutes before my start time (she was running the 5k which started after the half marathon). At the last minute she threw me her poncho and told me to wear it, since my jacket wasn’t 100% waterproof. Have you ever tried running with a poncho? Not fun. But it did help to keep me dry for about 6 miles. That was when the wind picked up and I was done messing with it.

The first 5 miles of this race flew by for me. I was running pretty easily at about a 10:30-40 pace. I told myself at mile 5 I can turn on my audiobook. I finally splurged and bought the second book.


The next 2 miles whizzed by like I had only ran a half a mile. Then my iPhone stopped playing my music. After fiddling with it for a few minutes and realizing it must be too damp in my jacket, I gave up and just turned it off.

It was about that time a fellow runner commented on how easy the run felt with the “wind at our backs”. I was all “yeah, but I’m not looking forward to the turn up ahead”

The turn up ahead was turning directly into the wind and up an overpass. It didn’t seem as big as it was when I made the comment. I could hear people around me saying things like “gosh” and “are you kidding me??” While they were running up and over the overpass. It was because the wind felt so strong. The news said the wind gusts were 12-15 mph. They felt like they were 80mph. For the next 3 miles we were facing a headwind that just wouldn’t let up. Not to mention the rain. It was like all of a sudden pouring rain. Worst 3 miles of my life!!!

Once I got to mile 10, we turned and it was smooth sailing. I finished right at 2:30. I was hoping for 2:25, but the dang wind!! Oh and the rain!!

I was completely soaked when I finished. I grabbed my medal, and some goodies, and headed to my conveniently located car. I had lunch plans with another friend at a local brewery.


After I changed into some dry comfy clothes. I ordered the IPA and it did not disappoint. Very rich with the perfect amount of IPA bitterness. It was the perfect end to a very hard race.

Overall this race was hard because of the elements. The course itself is 95% flat. I would totally run this half again in a heartbeat. The race has tons of volunteers, well marked route, great swag, and lots of freebies post race.

Have you ever run a race in the rain? Or worse?

Are you doing a turkey trot this year?



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