Evil Sun

The last few days have been completely nuts. And only one word can explain the craziness: INVENTORY. Every person in retail dreads that horrible day and work that is associated with “inventory day”.

I did manage to squeak in my 15 miler on Sunday.


I was tired from all the inventory prep and weird hours. But enough with the excuses! After inventory on Monday the fam and I went out on the boat.


Obviously Carlo wasn’t feeling the boat. Once we found “our spot” I dropped the anchor and settled into reading some rage comics when I realized what was attacking me.


We were set right in front of the evil sun.


I felt like I was melting after about 10 minutes, then I realized I was getting burnt. I started getting really pissed at the gosh darn sun.


And once the sun set. I began to get eaten by Mosquitos. Lame.

It wasn’t all bad. Hubs did catch fish.


It was exactly 18 inches, technically a keeper. However the ranger or game warden have been trolling the docks and checking people’s fish a lot lately. Hubs didn’t want to chance it. And wanted some good karma. So we let the “keeper” go.

Overall it was a good fish trip.

This morning I hit up the yoga studio to fully take advantage of my monthly unlimited yoga classes. The instructor informed us that we would be focusing on one legged asanas. Lots of plank on one leg, transitions one one leg from plank to downward dog, to upward dog. And did I mention it was all on one leg. That was the first 25 minutes or so. I was able to do a side plank while raising a leg for the first time. Wow I love pushing myself and doing things I have never done before.

And post yoga I squeezed in a very close to 5-er.


Now I get to go to work and do load. Fun! Not.

Have you ever had to do an inventory before?

What’s the last thing you did for good karma?



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