Gangnam Style

Yesterday morning I set out for 18 miles. The plan was to break it up into 3 segments of 6 miles each. This was so that I was only 30 minutes (3 miles) away from home, also so I could run each of my dogs 6 miles, AND so I could switch the laundry when I came home each time.

The first 5 miles were so slow!


I was just thinking, “Why am I so slow?” The entire time.

The next 5 were decent


The problem I began to realize was that my dogs were not keeping up with me. They started slowing down. And I remembered why I don’t usually bring them along for longish runs.

Then all of a sudden I started having issues with my toe, and then a horrific pain in the bottom of my foot. I was freaking out! I thought for sure I tweaked my foot. I started walking and trying to stretch out my foot. I tried to walk/jog, and knew that it wasn’t working. Then came the call to the hubs.

“Hey babe, so I kinda tweaked my foot, and I need a ride.”

“You injured yourself?!”

“No just a cramp, and I am just really sore.”

“I can’t believe you injured yourself! You have never called me to pick you up before. This must be bad!”

“Babe, I’m just cramping. I just didn’t want to hobble home.”

“Do we need to go to the hospital?!? Babe I’m really worried about you.”

“No I just need to be taken home please.”

He was there in about 5 minutes. Lucky for me his work is less than a mile from our house, and I was just about a mile out in the other direction from our house.

I did every stretch I could possible think of, and ice, heat, ice, heat, And rested for a few hours. I think I’m going to take the next few days off from running. I’m hoping to just get in some easy cross training while I rest.

After my failed attempt at 18 miles, Carlo really wanted to get in his Pre-Order for a few very important video games.


He was beyond excited! I told him that he had to keep those card thingys in his wallet until the day they come out. I guess since he Pre-Ordered he gets a $5 target gift card. Score! I told him it was mom tax for taking him to Target. And he just said “NUH-UH!!”

We then headed to hubs work to help out with his doggy costume contest. Then he twisted my arm to be the judge.


Official judging paperwork.

More than 25 dogs showed up!


The judges were paid in tootsie rolls. Good thing they had my favorite flavored ones!


Once hubs got home we were all geared up for the Giants game! During the game we started discussing “Gangnam Style”. Evidently hubs was completely clueless about the phenomenon. I showed him the video, and some pics.


Which turned into a dance off.


Clearly, I was the winner.

And because nobody else would let me take their pic while “Gangnam Style-ING”

Have you tried to Gangnam Style?

How did your long runs go this weekend??



6 thoughts on “Gangnam Style

  1. Two Moms says:

    LOL I haven’t tried the gangnam style yet. Clearly the only one who had a picture taken while dancing is the winner!!! 🙂 I ran 11 miles today. Felt pretty good and at a good pace. Hope your foot feels better. Sucks when you cant finish a run.

  2. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    Can I just say I’m a lil envious of you. Your hubby is so sweet to be that concerned about you possibly being injured and to come get you. It gives us single girls hope that those guys exist and aren’t just in the movies. You might let him know he’s ruining it for other men lol setting the bar high.

    When I read the bit about your foot I literally gasped. Coming off a foot injury from earlier this month I know how scary that can be. It’s not like you can run without your feet. I hope it starts to feel better and was just a cramp. Maybe it was because of running longer ish distances with the dogs or not just running straight through and making stops for laundry or to swap dogs. Fingers crossed!

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