Wild Ostriches!!

As of today there’s about 5 weeks and 2 days until the CIMI’m getting pretty excited. I feel like I’m logging the miles, and I do have a goal in mind that I think I can accomplish. That goal won’t be shared until AFTER the marathon. I don’t want to jinx myself over here.

Yesterday I wanted to hit 10 miles. I decided to take the 5 month old pup we are puppy sitting with me on the first few. It was painfully obvious that this pup had no leash training. I know I have complained about how my dogs can be annoying while running, but this pup was just not properly socialized. Which turned running the first 2 miles into slumping the first 2 miles. I was so relieved to be done! I decided to go ahead and grab Vin to renew my faith in running with dogs. And he totally rose to the occasion and finished those last 8 miles with me. Gosh he is such a champ!


Along the way we also saw some very interesting birds in a random field.


Can you believe it, gigantic ostriches! Vin was so excited. Lucky for him, they were close enough for him to sniff! But when he got close they curled their necks over the fence and tried to peck him! I didn’t get a picture of that, since I was too busy laughing.

I have the next 2 days off and plan to get in my 18 miles tomorrow, and watch as many Halloween movies with Carlo as I can. And somewhere in there we have to come up with a costume on the cheap for Carlo. I was thinking of stapling white pieces of paper to his clothes. Can you guess what he would be?

White Trash. Hehe.

Maybe too offensive for 7th grade?

What’s the most memorable costume you have worn in years past?

What are your kids dressing up as for Halloween this year?



4 thoughts on “Wild Ostriches!!

  1. hikingtohealthy says:

    Ok I am a halloween fanatic and have had many costume parties. One of my favorite costumes was a bunch of little cereal boxes with stab marks in them attached all over ….cereal killer 🙂

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