5 Miles And Some Awesome Yoga

I headed over to that new gym for another go at the treadmill running. It was kinda damp, and very cloudy. The kind of cloudy where it could rain any second. Best to stay inside. I watched some morning news, and learned that people could buy entire farms at Neiman Marcus for only 100k. I guess it’s some sort of fantasy wish list that people want for Christmas. Lucky us!

I knocked out 5 solid miles.


I then scooted on over to my favorite yoga studio for the 9 am class.


I even got to practice along side one of my besties, miss Jessica. Love her. I shoulda forced her to take a pic, but it was raining, and I don’t like getting wet and cold. Oh and I was able to get into a very interesting bird of paradise pose. Again I need a photographer to follow me around so I can capture these very blogworthy moments.

During the class hubs called me 3 times. I figured something amazing or totally horrible happened.

Turns out it was an amazing thing.


He finally caught another keeper. We ended up with two pretty decent filets.


I warmed up some frijoles, and whipped up a cucumber and tomato salad. It all was so delicious!


Fresh fish really is the only way to go.


Do you like working out with a buddy?

What’s on your Christmas list?



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