Yes, I watched the entire baseball game

Before I watched the Giants/Cardinals game I baked 2 loaves of banana bread.


Hubs brought home a very yellow bunch of bananas a few days ago, and we had a lot of EXTRA RIPE bananas for banana bread.

I also finished all the laundry for the week.


And I tried that Pinterest tip on re-heating pizza in a pan on the stove.


It took about 8-10 minutes from turning on the oven. It was totally worth it. Dare I say, it was even better the second time around. The pan makes the pizza crust super crispy. I will never use a microwave to re-heat a slice of pizza again.

After all the awesome chores were done, I sat and watched game 7 between the Giants/Cardinals. Everyone knew the Giants were gonna win, guess what?




Any Giants fans out there?

If not Giants, who’s your team?



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