Comfort Food

The hike yesterday really took a little more out of me than I’d like to admit. Also my throat and nose are acting like I’m about to get a cold. Today I desperately need to load up on some comfort food.

I looked in my cupboard and found these tucked in the way back.


I also had some whole grain Ritz.



I figured I’d wing it and make some Mac and cheese, well Rotini and cheese.

I also swapped out regular milk for Almond milk.


After the pasta was cooked I stirred 2 tbs of butter, and about a cup or 2 of almond milk. Then I mixed in some cheese. I had baby bel, some Target brand low fat cheese, and some muenster slices. I mixed it all together with the pasta. And I had the brilliant idea to add in a layer if ham and top with Crushed Ritz cracker, an baked at 400 for 20-25 minutes.

It turned out so delicious! And the ham really added more flavor than I thought.


Lucky for me hubs hates Mac and cheese. It’s the whole lactose intolerant thing. So I’ll have lunches for the next couple of days. Gotta love leftovers!

Is anyone else getting sick??

What’s the last random-on-hand-ingredient-meal did you make?



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