WTF Was I Thinking?

After realizing my trail shoes hasn’t gotten much action in the last 3 months I decided to take them on today’s run.


I like them mostly because they are purple. Oh and they’re pretty comfy.

With my trail shoes in tow, I headed to the lagoon. It’s one of my favorite running spots.

First I saw some deer, but I kinda scared them away before I could get the pic, but still.


And I decided to run around the lagoon, to get in a full 7.


Then a brilliant idea popped into my head.



See the tippy tippy top of that hill? I decided to run up the hill. There’s a trail that wraps around the other hills to get to the tallest hill. Sounds fun, no? I actually remember running up this hill. While I was running up I was thinking it was about 6 months ago. As I continued up the hill I knew the 6 months thing was bull. It was like back in January, and it was in 2011. So it takes 2 years to forget the pain and torture that is this hill.


The hill is about 1.75 miles up and back, it doesn’t seem like much. The last quarter mile is almost at a 90 degree angle. As I was jogging up the last part I saw 2 ladies walking backwards up the hill. They kept laughing. And I’m pretty sure it was because they were so out of shape that they couldn’t make it up the hill. Plus it does seem to never end. When I passed them, one of the ladies said “You go girl!” That was all I needed to burst me to the top. Thanks for the inspiration ladies!

So glad it is all over.

What was the last really bad work out idea you had? How did you pay for it?

Done any trail running lately?



5 thoughts on “WTF Was I Thinking?

  1. The Landy says:

    I must say I only ever run in trial running shoes, probably because it is mostly trails that I run. I have the Great North Walk on my doorstep so it is usually along there. Most recent “bad idea” was a run up Heaton’s Gap with my brother-in-law, about a week ago…It is a power line track up the side of a hill, quite steep at the end, and I’m still paying for it….

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