I Killed My Battery

I woke up ready for my long run. After I got all my stuff together, I headed out for 15 slow miles. Yesterday I had said I would be happy with 10, but as soon a I hit the “publish” button I knew I wouldn’t be happy with 10.

I started out slow, I figured I would just take it super easy since I was still a little sore from that stupid “Core Synergistics”.


Even though they were my slowest miles, they felt like they flew by.

The next 5 miles were slightly more difficult. Around mile 8 the left side of my hip was pretty sore. I had the thought of “Just get to 12, and you can quit”.


I guess I was just buying time, since by mile 10 I really wasn’t feeling that sore anymore. My thoughts then turned to, “How can I add 3 extra miles to this run??”


I just decided to do 2 extra loops around my 2 mile block. I hate doing multiple loops, but at that point I just wanted to stay close to home, and I figured miles are miles.

I knew my battery was low, but I thought it would get my 15 miles recorded. This is where it died.


The running gods were just being cruel. Ok I get it! I need a Garmin!! My iPhone can’t keep up with me anymore. Well my long runs anyways. Which is sad, I really like the music feature on the Nike+ app.

Post run was the usual, iced coffe, eggs (extra salt), and a bagel thin.



Now I’m relaxing while watching Rock Of Ages. And it reminded me that I hate musicals….awesome.

Spoiler Alert: Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin make out…

Did you get your long run in today? Or race?

What’s your go-to post run meal?

What movie genre do you hate?
I’m also not a big fan of action movies, unless Liam Neeson or Vin Diesel are in them.



12 thoughts on “I Killed My Battery

  1. magnuminsp says:

    I’ll have more for you later on one of my posts that deals with apps for the phones, but that Nike app sucks!! It is force stopped on my too many times. Uninstalled!! Sports tracker and Endomondo Pro seem to be the most stable apps for tracking. Map my Run was another good app, but doesn’t work with Bluetooth headphones.

    As for movies, I love them all and the best musical would be Blazing saddles. Followed by Rocky Horror Picture Show!

  2. trikatykid says:

    You rock!! Do you know about force-quitting your apps? I didn’t know that till recently – saves battery like whoa! But yes, the iPhone is not a marathoner. You need a Garmin! A good problem to have!

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Is that the ol’ double tap, then “x” out apps running? I always forget to do that! Thanks for the reminder! I swear the creators of apple made the phone so darn simple I feel stupid when I forget to do something easy like that.

      • trikatykid says:

        Well, you’re one step ahead of me because when someone showed me how to do it, they had maybe 4 apps to force quit. It took me ten minutes to close all mine…. my battery was dying by noon and I couldn’t figure out why! You might get another mile or two, but I do believe you deserve a Garmin! 🙂

  3. Sandy says:

    I ran my first 1/2 on Saturday so yesterday was a rest day for me. WOW. 15 miles. Impressive! Yesterday was the longest I have ever run. Im feeling good today so am off to run 6. I hate romantic comedies. I do. I love drama or independent quircky films. Its sooo weird the day of my long runs I never feel hungry. Usually meal is carb loaded(granola). The next day is when I could eat everything in sight. Get a garmin. It’ll change your life 🙂

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Congrats on the longest half you had ever run! Perhaps some races aren’t exactly planned correctly distance wise…

      Thanks for the advice on the Garmin, I think they have one now that’s in the $100 range, so I guess it will go on my Christmas list.

      • Sandy says:

        Haha I meant my 1/2 marathon was my last long run, not the the 1/2 was long!! It was my first 1/2 ever(and damn it felt long, like if someone at the finish line had told me I had to run another 1/2 mile I would’ve punched them.)2:19;03 was my time. 🙂 Seeing you train for your marathon is inspiring me.

      • drinkrunyoga says:

        2:19 is an awesome time! And kudos for that being your last long run! Make sure you drink lots of champagne to make up for all those pesky calories running takes from your body 😉

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