Training Plans

Confession, this last weekend I read several race recaps about Chicago, Long beach, and even San Jose. It made me feel über left out. What does one do when they need to race? Browse through upcoming races and add a half marathon to her already full race calendar? I wish. If only I had tons of sponsors, or a stack of cash in my pocket. I will keep you posted.

This morning I ran 9 miles.


Holy Moses they were fast! The last time I ran 9 miles in under 90 minutes was when I ran Santa Rosa Half Mary, that was over 6 weeks ago! I had it in my mind I wanted to push myself a little harder this morning, simply because the CIMis fast approaching! Less than 8 weeks away means I really have to amp up the training. Pretty much I have less than 6 weeks of building, and then I’m planning 2 taper weeks.

Here is my training plan for the CIM

I beat to the rhythm of my own drum. Each week, I am going to try to get in 2 medium distance runs (5-7) 1 medium long distance (8-10) and 1 long run (16-23). I try to throw in hills, and fartleks, but I haven’t been doing fartleks consistently. And most of all, as long as I get my long run in, I try not to stress about missing a mid week run.

I will probably wind up shooting myself in the foot and get sick, or miss training somewhere. Fingers crossed, that doesn’t happen.

After the run I made myself some delicious eggs, with extra salt, topped with some cheese and a bagel thin.


My legs felt pretty good after the run, but I still went ahead and foam rolled for a few minutes, and put on some smexy compression socks.


Anyone else training for a fall race?

Do you follow a strict race plan, or just shoot from the hip?



10 thoughts on “Training Plans

  1. magnuminsp says:

    Do the compression socks help? I am currently training fro the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon and my shins, especially the right one is becoming bothersome.

    I am following the Jeff Galloway run/walk plan to a T! I managed to finish the 10 mile (Tower of Terror) race in a respectable time for my first ever race of any distance and I am sticking to the training program that got me through that.

  2. Kristen Henkels says:

    I’m running my first 10K ever this Saturday in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve followed my training plan a bit, but have mostly done a lot of cross-training on the bike. Now I’m just praying for good weather!

  3. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    I’ve made attempts at strict training but find my Kamikaze/Quasimodo approach usual wins out lol. Of course I pay the price after. I have a half November 4th and then I’m done for the year. Hoping my NEW approach will help me be the runner I’m supposed to be. That’s my resolution for 2013, “Be the runner I’m supposed to be”

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