Change of Plans

This morning I had plans to run 3-4 miles, then go to a yoga class with Jessica. However 2 miles into the run I got a call from hubs who told me that he was taking a PTO day. Ugh. I love my husband so much. I can’t live with out him, like seriously. However I need one day a week to just veg, do laundry, catch up on housework, bake, and do whatever I feel like doing. He told me we were going to go out on the water, so to hurry up with the run. I decided to get 6 miles in, since I couldn’t make the yoga class.


The one good thing about spending some extra time with the hubs doing something HE wanted to do, is it gives me a bargaining chip. What? You don’t black mail “bargain” with your husband? I brought up brewfest, it was something I was going back and forth on. It’s a 5k in Davis that’s all about beer drinking, even the medal is a beer opener. Love it! I’m going to register for it tomorrow. And hubs said he would come and cheer me on.

Now that we are even, we got the boat all situated in the water, and were off. Luckily it was way less painful than I thought it was going to be.


Hubs originally said we would be out there or an hour, TOPS! Ya it was more like 2 hours. I stared at this the whole time.


Once we decided to call it a day, we then had the awesome task of getting the boat back onto the hitch.


He had to have me take a pic of him next to his new “baby”. Not sure if I told you this, but we did come up with a name for the boat. It’s called “Grape Nuts”.


Then once we got home, hubs dragged the boat into the garage.


So much work!

When hubs finally sat down to look at all the pics, all he could focus on was his amazing calves. He blew up the pic to make his point.


Then he sneakily put the calf pic in my phone as the first screen. And when he asked me to read an email, I saw the pic, and could not stop laughing.


Love it when he makes me laugh.

Does your significant other play tricks on you? What are they? Do they make you laugh?



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