I am Iron Man

First lets start with a little weekly recap!


Sunday-rest after mudder
Monday-run 2 miles
Wednesday-6 miles
Saturday-14 miles

It was a rest week, but I didn’t want to skip another long run. I still have a marathon to run in about 7 weeks.

Goals for next week

Hit up a yoga class
Run 4 days, long run being around 15-16 miles
Add in 1-2 cross training videos. I’m thinking of going back to P90X. I really love the shoulder and back DVD with all the push ups. I always feel badass with the one armed push ups (even if they are on my knees)

Today has been an interesting day. We had plans to pick up a boat motor from a Craigslist ad. But first hubs noticed his car tire was a little low and there was a nail in it. He had a warranty on the tire, so it SHOULD have been a free fix. However $150 later when we went to pick up the car they made us realize that we needed a new tire.

Stupid car maintenance.

All the car stress made me want to go jean shopping. Luckily one of these guys were across the parking lot.


They also had a deal on compression capri’s, $17.50! I had bought a similar pair about 6 months ago, love them! And I was in desperate need of some jeans, and finally succumbed to the whole “skinny jean” look. I had been fighting it for awhile now, but after finally trying on a pair, I realized they weren’t so bad. In fact they looked kinda good on me.

Lucky for me they had a deal where every $25 you spent you got $10 in Old Navy cash to spend in November. Gotta love excuses to shop, and spend more money.


Once the tire and jeans purchases were out of the way, we were starving. We stopped at our favorite.


2 delicious plates of sushi later we were done!


Hubs could not wait to get done with lunch to buy his new motor. Hubs found a boat motor for sale on Craigslist 15hp for a good price. I was definitely not comfortable meeting this person to buy a boat motor. We had decided if we still felt really uncomfortable when we got there, we would just leave. However we were both pleasantly surprised. And I think the other dude was too! It was like we all took a sigh of relief when we finally met. Once we checked “her” out, and learned all about the new motor, we exchanged the cash and had bought this new to us motor.


Now that hubs has his new motor maybe I can stop hearing about how he needs a new motor. It will probably switch to how much he needs new whatever-else-bulls****-he-thinks-he-needs.

Oh and a heads up, check out Pro Compression for 40% off all pink socks through October 21, plus free shipping!


*I am not compensated in any way by pro compression*

Have you ever bought/sold anything on Craigslist? Was it a good experience?




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