Best. Tacos. Ever.

Yesterday I did an old fashioned turn n’ burn shift at work. It’s so much fun when your time between shifts only includes sleeping…


And I pretty much felt like that the second I walked into work on Wednesday. Good times.

Lucky for me when I got home hubs had dinner all ready for me. And it was life altering! I never thought in a million years I would say this but, I am in love with cow tongue. It was the most heavenly piece of meat I have ever taster. Like EVER!

He boiled the tongue with and onion, bay leaf, and some other seasonings for about 5 hours.



He then removed the top layer, and promptly gave it to the dogs for their tasty enjoyment. And diced up the heavenly part, mixed with some chile verde, it was ready to become tacos!

Cow tongue tacos are the best!!


Don’t knock it til’ you try it.

After the best dinner of my life, I decided to make some s’mores for the fam. Only I forgot to pick up graham crackers. So I substituted Oreos.


I toasted them with my toaster oven, and it seemed to be a crowd pleaser. Hubs and I ate them deconstructed, however Carlo said he could not eat a “deconstructed s’more” and call it a “s’more”, so he smashed all that stuff together for the best Oreo s’more he had ever tasted. Well done, sir Carlo.

This morning I ran 6, to make up for the s’mores and the cow tongue.


It was a pretty fast run, considering I did a hilly route. I love taking an extra day off after an event, the next run just seems so effortless. And I was totally craving a very long run. I am planning at least 2 more runs, but I’m not saying how long I’m planning, because every time I do that I never end up running what I say I’m going to run.

How’s that for an unnecessarily log run on sentence.

Have you ever tried cow tongue?



5 thoughts on “Best. Tacos. Ever.

  1. trikatykid says:

    My dad is a butcher. He told us one time after dinner that we just ate cow tongue. Frankly, after I saw the photo of the raw tongue boiling in water, my stomach turned and I couldn’t finish this post. I’ll catch up next time. Glad you liked it.. I won’t yuck your yum..


    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Luckeeeeee. Although I think if I hit up a Mexican market I could probably find cow tongue on the menu. I just would have to repeat myself a dozen times for them to get my order right.

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