The Aftermath

I received my post Tough Mudder email and promptly displayed my banner on FB.



And here are some pictures of my post mudder battle wounds.

The knees


The ribs


And the most tragic one of all…the pedicure.


These guys have really helped all the sore muscles


I still can’t raise my arms above my head.

I tried to take a nap and couldn’t stop thinking about a run, so I geared up in my Tough Mudder gear and Brass.


Evidently my version of looking like a badass involves the “duck face”. Brass has a pretty good badass face, though.

I only went for 3 miles, and ended up doing 2. Go me! Ha!


And I ate one of those freebie Clif Builder’s bars after the run. I went with chocolate peanut butter.


I told myself I would only eat half since it was 270 calories


But it was so good, I ate the whole thing.

What was the last banner you posted on FB?

What does your “badass face” look like?



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