Tough Mudder Prep

Tomorrow is the day! The day I do Tough Mudder! I’m excited and freaked out all at the same time. Believe it or not, I have been taking cold showers to prep for the ice cold water. The weather is calling for 99 and up degree heat! Ok, freaking out more. They sent an email regarding heat stroke, it’s a thing and be sure to hydrate! And I have been!


Actually the only thing I have been drinking is water. No seltzer, no wine, and no beer for the past week. Go me! I thought about bringing my hydration pack, but I think it will just weigh me down. Plus, there will be water stations along the way, and I’m hydrating as I speak type. I think I’ll be good.

I didn’t officially register per Tough Mudder on a team, but I found a friend who was doing it on the same day as me, and she said I could join her team! Go team prairie Mud Dawgs! I guess most of the team hasn’t been working out as consistently as I have been, but we have 7 strong pretty fit guys on the team. And then we have me, and 2 other ladies. Out team colors are black and blue. I’m just realizing that it’s probably because that’s what we will be covered in by the time we are done. Awesome!

The obstacles I’m stressing about most are ones where I will need to be hoisted or lifted over, like walls or ramps. I weigh 188 as of today, I hope some very strong dude will be able to lift me up and over. I had a feeling of, I will just skip those obstacles and spare myself embarrassment, however I signed up for Tough Mudder. I really want to give my all on every obstacle and say “I did that!” Maybe I will surprise myself and not need any help?

I have already laid out my clothes, I’m working late tonight, and I don’t want to be rushing around.


Less is more! Black shorts, black tank, black bra, body glide (plenty of body glide!), Gu’s (gonna shove them in my bra), wool socks, and some old hiking shoes (they have a few good runs left in them, I plan to donate them after the race). I just need to get the sunscreen out of hubs car when I get home tonight.

I also have my bag packed for post race!



Comfy clothes, snack, water and flip flops. I can’t wait until I get to break into this bag!

I also attempted to make some pumpkin banana bread.


This made me realize that I am not good at concocting recipes. It’s burnt, the end.

Ok so let’s review:

*Tough Mudder is tomorrow (freaking out!)
*I’m hydrating
*I’m on Team Mud Dawgs
*Racing around 10:30 (forgot to mention that)
*I have all my bags packed and clothes laid out.
*Need sunscreen
*I’m bad at making pumpkin banana bread.
*I’m working 12:15-9 today

I’m so excited, any tips, or advice for a first time mud run??



3 thoughts on “Tough Mudder Prep

  1. coachdougbowers says:

    yep – you’ve pretty much got it covered. tips? Too late now baby!! ha haahahaha. Go get ’em kid. You can do it! You will be surprised how many people you don’t even know will be there to give a helping hand. That’s what makes the Tough Mudder so cool.
    If need be, stop and massage the leg muscles a little. Our course was on a huge ski hill so the legs took a beating. For the electric runs…there are usually two of them…go FAST! The ice – all the cold showers in the world won’t prepare you for that so just remember to breathe!
    Go – have fun – come back with the Orange headband and tell the story.

  2. Figure Girl Wanna Be says:

    You are brave girl! I did the Warrior Dash but I’m way too chicken to do the Tough Mudder! #1 reason I’m not a runner and I don’t want to be electrocuted!?!?! Lol Good luck and I can’t wait to read about it!

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