Never Riding A Motorcycle

Yesterday was as unproductive as ever. I told myself I was only going to sit on the couch for 15 minutes to enjoy my coffee, and then I realized I had so many new TV shows to watch! I work nights, which means my beloved shows have to be recorded, and wait until the morning to be watched.

I ended up watching


I am totally obsessed with The New Normal. It’s very funny and cute. Kind of like Modern Family, but not.

And I squeezed in this gem


Soooo in love with Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls! Actually the entire ensemble cast is amazing.

After work I slaved over hot dogs and crescent rolls until they looked like this…


Mmmmmmummy dogs!!

I agreed to work the morning shift today. I love the idea of working early. I just don’t actually like working early.

You mean to tell me that people wake up before 7am on days where they don’t race? Craziness!

My alarm went off at 5:45, and I slowly went downstairs and did my routine, dogs weren’t even barking. In fact Vinny ran out of his kennel, and then back in, before he went outside. I had to drag him out and throw him outside to potty. Thanks Vin. Once chores were done I had about 40 minutes left to get ready. I did a 15 minute circuit, arms and abs, and I figured I would run after work.

I found out some really tragic news at work. A coworker was in a terrible motorcycle accident. It was her very first motorcycle riding lesson. From what I gather she accidentally popped 2 wheelies before landing in a ditch. She was rushed to the hospital, and found out she shattered her knee, dislocated her femur, and tore several tendons. She was rushed into surgery. Absolutely insane!

I began to think about if anything like that ever happened to me, how would I react? What would I do? My knee jerk reaction would be, “My life is over if I can’t run.”

I ran 3 miles today and sent many good thoughts to my coworker while I ran.


It’s crazy to think that at any given moment you may not be able to run. Run today, just because you can!

What new shows are you watching/loving/hating??



2 thoughts on “Never Riding A Motorcycle

  1. cathyo says:

    Love love love Parenthood! Modern family is hilarious. I also like Big Bang Theory and how I met your mother. S many shows…so little time to watch them all! Thanks god for PVRs and online TV sites!

  2. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    Prayers to your co-worker.

    Most of the shows I watch have been on at least for a season or more: Big Bang Theory (my son is a mini Sheldon in some ways lol), Grimm, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Scandal, Criminal Minds and Blue Bloods.

    New shows: Revolution (I’m a bad mom I let my son stay up late for that on as we have no way to DVR it at the moment. Luckily he is a good kid an not crabby in the morning)

    Revolution is about the only new one I am into at this point. It seems there are nights when there really isn’t anything that has grabbed my attention. I’m not into the reality shows or the “talent” type shows. So I find myself writing, reading or crocheting those nights.

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