Screme Eggs

I decided to go with the “stress relief yoga” session on my cable network’s On Demand function. Last year they had way more options each month. However this year I have noticed that they haven’t changed it up at all. Which means I haven’t even dialed in for over 3 months. Anyways, I got to it with John Vitarelli.


I have been feeling under the weather all week. Back ache, body aches, cramping, headaches, being a girl…anyways this yoga session focused on the neck for a full 10 minutes, and when I started I had a full on headache. It was almost gone after the ten minutes of neck rolling and getting all that tension out. So much better! It also had pigeon, and this weird cross legged pose, and they both helped stretch out my outer thighs really nicely. This yoga sesh, just seemed to hit the spots that I needed for today. Love it when that happens.

I headed to Target and spent too much money on some groceries and picked up a much needed Halloween tee.


I buy one every year, and I really try to go with classic Halloween tees. You seriously can’t go wrong with Snoopy!

I also picked up some pumpkin, and added it to my oatmeal.


I know I put too much in, but geez it was good!

I went ahead and made a shepherd’s pie for dinner for the boys tonight. I swear if it includes more directions than turning on the stove, hubs chooses to spend money on pizza.


And when I was at the bank inside of a grocery store I stumbled upon Cadbury’s latest repackaging idea.


Screme Eggs

Oh Cadbury, thumbs up for your genius antics! I definitely bought 2. The better known Creme Eggs usually only come out during Easter. I really relish in this, and buy boxes of 4-packs every time I hit the store. And hit the store when I ran out. And I would eat one almost every night with hubs. Well I figured “my favorite vice only comes around once a year, go ahead and indulge.” Evil geniuses at Cadbury has to cash in on my weaknesses! I’ll tell myself I’ll only buy these 2, but in reality I’ll probably force hubs to pick up more next week (which is in 2 days if you’re keeping track). Well played Cadbury, well played.

Tomorrow morning my plan is to wake up early and go running with that running group at Fleet Feet. I have been saying that for weeks now, but now I’m saying it here. No backing out now!

Oh ya and I have Tough Mudder next Saturday. Am I prepared? Nope. Luckily the group I’m planning on crashing has a very similar time as me, I’m hoping to piggy back on their time. Has anyone done a Tough Mudder? Are they super strict about start times?

What holiday treat is your number one vice?

Any general tips for doing a Mudder?



2 thoughts on “Screme Eggs

  1. Liz @ Run Fat Chick Run! says:

    OMG! I need Screme Eggs! Damn you, Cadbury evil geniuses! Here I was thinking I was free and clear until the Easter candy starts to appear (the day after Christmas, right?). It’s a good thing you tipped me off to this on race week when I can safely indulge and not feel horrifically guilty. πŸ˜‰

    Good luck at Tough Mudder next weekend! You are going to KILL this!!!!

  2. Dash says:

    Screme Eggs! I thought it was bad enough that Creme Eggs were around for a few months at Easter – I love them but they don’t love me back! – and now I’ve got the temptation again at Hallowe’en.
    My favourite Autumn vice has to be hot chocolate πŸ™‚

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