Not 5 Miles

I knew it was not a good morning when I went to bed early and didn’t even hear the first alarm go off. When Hubs turned off the second alarm, and actually got out of bed was when I kinda woke up. By this time I’m usually up and heading to wake up Carlo and start the dogs, coffee and lunches. Then I realized my back really hurt. Like really. I rolled over to my other side and dozed off. I finally woke up when Hubs was getting dressed. It doesn’t matter if I feel good or bad, the house can not run unless I’m there.

I just decided to get dressed in my running clothes when I headed to take Carlo to school. I figured if I went on a new route then I would kinda look forward to my run.


You can barely tell, but I definitely got lost. I was running in circles at a little neighborhood park just to try and get in an extra mile or two. Then this guy came out of nowhere.


I started freaking out thinking I rolled my ankle. I mean I didn’t even want to go on this run. Now I have a rolled ankle? I’m hoping, NO. I didn’t feel any pain when it happened, and I don’t feel any now that I have stopped running. Fingers crossed I dodged a bullet. It still HELLA scared me. Haha, when was the last time you said the word “hella”?

And the back pain? It pretty much disappeared while I was running. I think that’s true with a lot of ailments for me. Of course not serious injuries, but a sore shoulder or something that is just bothering me, maybe I slept wrong or I have a sore throat, or a headache, usually disappears while running. I’m not a doctor, but that’s what happens for me.

Now that I’m home my back is pretty sore still. Makes me want to just run slowly all day to relieve the pain.


How often do you change up your running route?

When was the last time you dodged a bullet? Running related or otherwise 🙂



5 thoughts on “Not 5 Miles

  1. jet says:

    As someone with a very dodgy/loose ankle, if I am going to stand on something like that I will most likely roll the damn thing. Just out of curiousity is your little brown pup an Australian Kelpie? sure looks like one. Perfect running partner 😀

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