Today started off really great. I hit up my local yoga studio (a whole .21 miles from my house!) for some very much needed yoga. I had my mat all set up with my large glass of iced water and phone turned silent next to it. I was fully prepared for head stands! My plan was: when they happened I was going to yell at my fellow yogi to capture the moment. Well my plan went out the window the minute my teacher talked about Iyengar yoga. She said it was very much like yin yoga (where you hold restorative poses like pigeon for 1-5 minutes), but not including restorative poses. We are talking all the warriors, even threw in a half moon, and she was having us hold them for 2-3 minutes each. Holy hell my legs are still burning. I think I am going to take up Katy’s idea over at TriKatyKid to have a photographer follow me around all day long, that way I could get some really good shots of me drinking, running, and yoga-ing. Hey Katy, it’s KINDA like a triathlon!

Post yoga I vegged all day. I even got in a little nap. It was cut short because the dogs saw something in the backyard, where lots of barking ensued. Gotta love lots of irrational barking when you’re 20 minutes into a good nap.

I guess it was a sign to do something productive. ie look for a good pin on pinterest.


Bake at 325 for 23-27 minutes. I did 25 minutes, and they were perfect. They were even easier to peel. I made egg salad for tomorrow’s lunches. Way easier to just spread some stuff on some bread, than to pull out all the sandwich fixin’s.

We also headed to our favorite yogurt shop for some much needed yogurt.

I went with strawberry yogurt with strawberries and cheesecake bites.


Life is just better with a yogurt in our hands.


Have you ever had a professional photographer follow you around for a day?

Have you done anything you have pinned on pinterest lately?

Favorite yogurt flavor?



3 thoughts on “Jinx’d

  1. Urban Running Girl says:

    In all my life, I’ve never heard of eggs being put in the oven like that! I have to try it. That’s just so bizarre! (in a good way) Never had a photographer follow me around all day, however, I’ve had a professional photographer take shots of me on several occasions. It’s always weird. Yogurt-Vanilla. Always!

  2. trikatykid says:

    You do enough in your days to qualify you as a decathlete, and you balance it well with good nutrition (that also includes the ‘happy’ food group, something I am working on). My favorite frozen yogurt flavor is most definitely black raspberry. Your yoga class sounds great – I miss my yoga instructor. Hopefully when things settle down with the new job and eventually a new dwelling (and roommate), I will find a place to work on my ‘balance’. 🙂

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