Cleaning and Long Run

Yesterday I wasn’t able to fit in a work out because I was in the dentist’s chair.


I officially hate the dentist, can’t you tell? They were only supposed to “check” my crown. They went in with the evil deep cleaning tool that pokes the gums and causes lots of pain. Stupid deep cleaning.

And yesterday I also picked up an old love affair with seltzer.


Grapefruit is the best flavor for reals.

Today I planned on doing my long run. First long run I have done in 3 weeks. It was pretty decent.


Hubs was off, so I was able to do a point to point instead of a down and back. The point to point still included lots of hills. They were super awful and uncomfortable. Bah!

Let’s looks at baby platypuses in fedoras to make us forget how horrible tall tall hills are when running.


Better? Ya, me too!

Did you get your long run in today?

Any racing plans this weekend?



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