7 miles and a walk

Yesterday I ran 7 extremely slow and hilly miles.


I ran them with Mr. Brass and I think everyone and their dog was in my way. I am pretty sure I ran into at least a dozen dogs. It was nice to see so many people getting out and being active, however I’m a little bit jealous of not having the path clear. If only there was a schedule for the path, you know Tiffany runs here with her dog every Wednesday between 7:30-8:30. Unreasonable? I just want to get my in my 7 miles…

This morning I didn’t feel like exercising. I finally talked myself into a walk after reading this Meme.


It made me lol, and besides I need to get the pup out for walks. She looked at me like this


And I was sold. This was her first walk longer than around the block, and she did well. We walked down to Petco, and back to the house. All together it was about 40 minutes.

I also wanted to get in arms and abs, so I did a simple circuit to work out my tired muscles. After yoga on Monday…I’m feeling like this.


Yep feeling like that after 3 days! Lame.

Last but not least I hate cherry trees. You know the trees that leave the sidewalk looking like this


Bastards. I had to tiptoe to try and not get my new shoes dirty. Ew.

Do you have any cherry trees in your neighborhood?

Do you look for motivation when you have none?

When was the last time you were sore from a work out after 3 days?



3 thoughts on “7 miles and a walk

  1. hokaau says:

    Onward and upward!! Here’s a runner I crewed for a couple of years ago when I though 100km was a long way to run. Since then she has run 650km (!!!) across Australia’s nastiest desert and this weekend she’s running her 100th marathon. Meanwhile I’ve knocked over the 100-miler I was after and next up is 150 miles in December. That’s all off doing my first half marathon 4 years ago – that 7 miles can lead anywhere you want it to : )


  2. Heather says:

    Sometimes I go on twitter just to find some gem of a tweet that will spark my desire to work out. It usually works, lol. And I am hella sore today from a new core workout I did…oh, yesterday. So I’m with ya! Btw, your dog is ADORBZ! Haha šŸ™‚

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